Edmonton, AB,

AMA Statement

AMA today confirmed that, following the lifting of a court-ordered publication ban at 5 am on August 8 and, as a result of an exhaustive internal investigation, an executive was dismissed with cause. This individual’s alleged irregular financial activity was revealed during a review of financial controls that have been put in place to protect the AMA, our members and customers. The alleged fraudulent activity resulted exclusively from a breach of these internal controls, and in no way compromises the confidentiality of member or customer information. Our organization carries external insurance coverage that will allow us to fully recover the losses.

We expect all our employees to perform their duties in a manner that maintains and enhances the public’s confidence and trust in our organization. AMA takes cases of improper conduct very seriously and when the matter was brought to senior management, we acted swiftly and decisively. In addition, AMA has reviewed its financial processes and has put in place additional controls to prevent any future incidents of this type.

As this case is now before the court, AMA will not be making any additional comment on this matter publicly at this time.

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