Edmonton, AB,

AMA supports the addition of distracted driving demerits


The Alberta Motor Association (AMA) is proud to support the Government of Alberta’s decision to introduce demerits to Alberta’s distracted driving penalties.

This announcement brings Alberta in line with other jurisdictions and gives law enforcement agencies another tool to support their efforts and help deter distracted driving behaviours.

“Adding demerits to Alberta's distracted driving penalties underscores the seriousness of the offence and the danger it poses to those on the road.  AMA and our members support the addition of demerits as part of a comprehensive strategy to encourage consistent and ongoing enforcement.  We also hope this move sparks more discussion about distracted driving, ultimately resulting in an overall reduction of incidents.”
Jeff Kasbrick, VP, Government and Stakeholder Relations

The research is clear: trying to multitask behind the wheel significantly increases the chance of being in a collision. Solving this problem will take consistent enforcement, along with education and awareness about the risks. Today’s announcement supports these efforts. In the end, however, it will ultimately take individual commitment on the part of drivers to respect each other’s safety on the road.

In March, AMA surveyed 900 Alberta adults about their opinions on distracted driving penalties, including demerits. Almost three quarters of Albertans (73%) agreed that distracted driving offences should also carry demerit points as a penalty.

Find more survey data on Albertan's use of handheld devices behind the wheel.

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