Edmonton, AB,

Fall Car Care events get a jump on Winter

It happens every year. Despite the nervous meteorologists, the morning frost on your windshield and that lingering déjà vu feeling as you watch the leaves jump off the trees, when that first big snow storm unleashes its fury on Alberta, drivers scramble to get their vehicles ready for winter weather.

AMA is hosting Fall Car Care events in Edmonton (Sept 26), Red Deer (Oct 3) and Calgary (Oct 4) to help our members get their rides ready for cold-weather driving before that first sucker punch of snow. The events are free of charge to AMA members and non-members can join the family by purchasing an AMA membership on site.

AMA Rewards partners Lube City, Kal Tire and Glassmasters will work side by side with AMA staff to winterize passenger vehicles with free:

  • Battery testing
  • Block heater check
  • Windshield wiper check
  • Washer fluid check / top-up
  • Tire tread / pressure check

There will be a mobile windshield chip repair station (weather permitting) and if the battery’s cold-cranking amps are all cranked out, members can purchase our industry-leading CAA battery and we’ll install it for free on the spot. We’ll even provide environmentally-friendly disposal of the old battery. 

Okay. What’s the catch AMA? Do I have to buy a time-share in Acapulco or something?

Well here’s the thing. When drivers don’t get their vehicles ready for winter driving we get flooded with service calls. During that first winter storm we get lit up like a Christmas tree with calls from stranded members who might not have to call us if they, you know, plugged in their vehicles. Or, you know, made sure their batteries work. And even with a fleet of service vehicles plus a strong network of independent service providers, when call volume shoots up, we have to rescue those in dangerous situations first, which may lead to delays for members that are in a safe place such as their home. 

In 2014 we performed 116,000 boosts and battery service calls. We changed 63,000 tires. So taking a look under their hoods for a little preventative TLC helps us keep more of our members safe and sound on the road. 

So bring your Action News Media Van down to one of our Fall Car Care events for a free winter check-up. And if those fat cats in Toronto cut the SUV out of the budget and you’re riding a bike to stories these days, you can share this simple winter maintenance checklist from the AMA website. If you want to tell the story with a camera, a tow truck and a handsome Roadside Assistance operator, just send us a note at newsroom.ama@ama.ab.ca.