Fighting Fraud - tips to dodge insurance, vehicle, travel and identity fraud

March is Fraud Awareness Month in Alberta. But with fraudsters and scam artists costing hard-working Canadians over a million dollars a day, maybe we need to expand it to Fraud Awareness Year. As thieves get more sophisticated, hackers and slackers are cooking up more ways to steal your identity, skim your credit cards, and leave you feeling exposed. 

So let's fight back a little, shall we? As law enforcement works hard to stay one step ahead of telephone phishing, contractor fraud, romance scams and counterfeit credit cards, Albertans can help themselves by being aware of the risks and watching for red flags. From buying a vehicle to protecting yourself on vacation to guarding against identity theft and watching out for the old 'swoop and squat' insurance scams, we're sharing some simple tips to stay safe.

AMA Shredding Events will be back this April and May with 14 events across the province. Find the complete schedule and tips on what to shred and what to keep at

If you believe you've been a victim of identity theft or financial fraud, contact your bank, credit card provider and insurance company asap. Be sure to report the crime to local police or the RCMP's Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501. Suffering in silence only helps crooks take advantage of others.

If you'd like to interview an AMA expert about auto fraud, insurance scams, identity theft or tourism fraud abroad, contact the AMA Newsroom at 1-888-960-6397.

You can get also find details about the latest scams and links to resources on the Edmonton Police Service website.