Edmonton, AB,

Free Roadside Assistance for Kids!

With a Plus or Premier Membership

You feed them and clothe them and tell them they are special. You try to give them a good moral compass and some street smarts. And then, before you know it, your babies are running around in the world without you.

Well now you can keep them safe no matter where they go. AMA’s new Kids Go Free member benefit let’s Plus or higher members pass on all the perks and privileges of membership to children 15 and under, free of charge.

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Whether they’re carpooling to hockey practice on a cold winter morning, they’re out with the nanny or on a road trip with friends, benefits like AMA Roadside Assistance are just a phone call away.

Battery boosts, tire service, fuel delivery, locksmith and towing benefits follow the member’s child no matter what vehicle they are riding in.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Primary Plus or higher members come into any centre, call 1.800.222.6400 or visit ama.ab.ca/AddKids to register children 15 or younger residing in the household and add them to their account
  2. Children then get their own AMA membership card to carry in their wallet or have sewn into their underwear.
  3. If they get in a jam, those children or the driver they’re riding with can call AMA for rescue service. We’ll phone you first to let you know they’re okay and we’re on our way.
  4. It doesn’t have to be an emergency. Kids Go Free offers benefits like instant savings at AMA Rewards partners like ski hills, cultural attractions, dining and movies. AMA Bike Assist will even come patch a tire or fix a chain on your child’s bike.
  5. Each time we come running, it counts as a normal service call. AMA members get five free service calls each year.
  6. When those kids grow up to be drivers, AMA will add them as an Associate Member, entitling them to stop freeloading on their parents’ service calls and get their own.

Learn more about Kids Go Free on the AMA website at ama.ab.ca/KidsGoFree or contact the AMA Newsroom at newsroom.ama@ama.ab.ca