Edmonton, AB,

Gas Price website takes guesswork out of fuel-sipper savings

For many Albertans, the price at the pump seems to jump or drop in the blink of an eye. Reading the supply and demand of energy markets might not be realistic when planning your next trip to top up the tank, but the CAA Gas Price Monitor website and smartphone app is a jerry can of joy for penny pinchers hoping to find the lowest fuel price in town. 

Fuel prices across Canada have dropped close to 20% over the past two years and a recent CAA survey finds that only a third of Canadians (34%) believe gas prices will rise in 2016, while 56% say they will either stay the same or decline even further.

The AMA Mobile App (Android or Apple) now includes access to real-time gas station prices and locations to help you plan your next road trip or fuel up for the daily commute. Not comfortable with a phone that’s smarter than you are? Motorists can also find fuel prices in Canada or the USA on an old fashioned computer at www.getgasprices.ca.

With fluctuating prices, it’s no surprise that in a recent CAA study 64% of Albertans say they will drive a kilometre to save 3¢/litre on gas, and more than 80 per cent would drive an extra kilometre to save 5¢/litre. 

AMA surveys have shown that the majority of Albertans (74%) drive at least five days per week and almost half (49%) drive every day. With an average of 20,357 clicks on the odometer each year, AMA asked Alberta drivers if the price at the pump affects their driving behaviour.

While more than half of the drivers surveyed (52%) said they would reduce driving at $1.50 per litre, almost a quarter of drivers (24%) said they would not reduce their driving regardless of the price. When it comes to vehicle choice, just less than half of those surveyed (45%) indicated they would switch to a more fuel efficient vehicle if the price hits $2.00 per litre.

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