Give us room to work, says AMA

After a Calgary tow truck driver was struck by a vehicle Friday, AMA is pleading with the public to give roadside workers room to work.

“The recent cold snap, snow and icy conditions have led to a significant number of breakdowns across the province,” says Randy Loyk, a spokesperson for AMA. “It’s critical that when drivers see the flashing lights of a tow truck, they slow down.”

Alberta’s traffic laws require all motorists to reduce their speed to 60km/hr (or slower if the limit is less) in the adjacent lane when passing emergency vehicles or tow trucks with their lights on. Move over one lane, if possible, to give them room to work safely. Fines are doubled when drivers speed by an emergency vehicle or tow truck at work.

Loyk notes that as temperatures pick up in the coming days, tow operators will be out in full force, winching vehicles that were abandoned in ditches. In light of Friday’s tragic collision, which put a tow truck driver in hospital, he hopes AMA’s “Give Us Room to Work” message will be top of mind for all Albertans.

“It’s not just a tow truck at the side of the road; it’s a person who deserves to go home to their family after work,” says Loyk. “If drivers take that extra bit of caution, we can help keep everyone safe.”