July Expert Guide | Summer Kick-Off Edition

The Alberta Motor Association’s monthly Expert Guide connects journalists with experts on timely topics that matter to Albertans, helping create compelling and trusted news stories. We invite you to use the information below or to contact us for an interview with one of our subject matter experts. ama.newsroom@ama.ab.ca 1-888-960-6397


Summer road-tripping: The Canada Day long weekend recorded the highest number of traffic fatalities in Alberta in 2016 (the latest year for which Alberta Transportation has statistics), with seven deaths and more than 200 injury collisions. Our Driver Ed experts can share tips for preparing for a road trip this long weekend, along with safe driving practices for the journey.

Summer storms: Did you know that, since 2010, 51% of all storm-related damage in Canada occurred in Alberta? In fact, our province suffers more damage from storms than all other provinces combined. Being prepared for extreme weather, along with the usual summer storms, can make a huge difference. An AMA Insurance expert can share tips to help Albertans weather whatever Mother Nature brings our way this season.

Summer zippering: Construction is as familiar to Albertans as pick-up trucks and potholes. But that doesn’t mean drivers know how to properly navigate it. As lane closures pop up across the province, AMA reminds motorists to resist the urge to merge early, and instead use both lanes for as long as possible. This zipper merge technique can reduce congestion by as much as 40 per cent.

Summer home-protection: When headed on vacation, homeowners’ focus tends to be on their destination – not what’s left behind. But with the threat of everything from theft (the number of break-and-enters in Alberta rose 59% between 2013 and 2017) to water damage (accounting for half of all “catastrophic loss” claims in Canada), taking precautions before a trip is essential. Our Insurance experts can provide helpful advice.


AMA reminds Alberta drivers to celebrate Canada Day safely by planning ahead, and arranging for a safe ride home, if they plan to consume alcohol or cannabis.

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