July Media Expert Guide

The Alberta Motor Association’s monthly Expert Guide connects journalists with experts on timely topics that matter to Albertans, helping create compelling and trusted news stories. We invite you to use the information below or contact us to request an interview with one of our subject matter experts. ama.newsroom@ama.ab.ca 1-888-960-6397

Tire safety: According to a 2018 Michelin survey, more than half of Canadians can’t tell when their tires are bald – an unsettling finding as we head into peak road-trip season. Low-tread tires can lead to hydroplaning, less efficient braking, punctures, poor steering, reduced fuel economy and blowouts. AMA can offer life hacks for checking tire tread – one of them requires only a toonie! – along with related advice on tire inflation and recovering from a highway blowout.

Car rental insurance: At a time when drivers have coverage though their credit cards, home policy riders, and regular auto insurance, knowing whether car rental insurance is needed – and if so, how much – can be confusing. And when things go wrong, making sense of the claims process often adds an extra layer of complexity. AMA’s experts can help Albertans understand what they need, and what they don’t, when it comes to renting a car this summer.

Keyless ignition: Keyless ignition is now a standard feature in more than half of new vehicles sold. With this change comes increasing concern over engines accidentally left running – a situation that can lead to everything from carbon monoxide poisoning to stolen or runaway vehicles. AMA’s chief mechanic can talk about this emerging issue and provide important tips for keeping Albertans safe.

Animals in traffic: We’ve all seen the driver who stops to help goslings cross traffic, or swerves into another lane to spare a runaway rabbit. While it’s certainly the nice thing to do, many factors contribute to whether it’s the right thing to do. AMA’s Driver Education experts can answer that popular summertime question: what should you do when the chicken crosses the road?

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