June Expert Guide

The Alberta Motor Association’s monthly Expert Guide connects journalists with experts on timely topics that matter to Albertans, helping create compelling and trusted news stories. We invite you to use the information below or contact us to request an interview with one of our subject matter experts. ama.newsroom@ama.ab.ca 1-888-960-6397

Fuel-efficient driving: Gas prices across the country, including Alberta, have been hovering near record highs in recent months, with little relief expected this summer. As the developer of a fuel-efficient driving course, AMA can share expert tips and tricks for getting the most out of a tank. Did you know, for instance, that motorists save as much as 30 per cent on fuel costs by managing cruising speed?

Bike lane bewilderment: As bike lanes become more common, so too are questions from motorists about how to navigate them. Our Driver Education instructors can discuss safety tips for sharing the road, and address common challenges drivers might face – for example, the dreaded right turn across a bike lane.

Oh, Canada: Record numbers of tourists are vacationing in Canada, with 20.8 million international visits in 2017 alone. It’s great for the tourism industry but a challenge for Albertans seeking accommodations in busy destinations like the Rockies. Our travel experts can discuss the reasons for this travel trend and provide tips for securing a hotel for your travels – especially when occupancy rates are at their highest.

Happy campers: Alberta tourism is at record highs, as more and more travellers discover the beauty in their own backyard. In fact, our province has the highest rate of RV ownership in the country: 26 per cent vs the 14 per cent national average! AMA’s automotive experts can talk about preparing for the open road – everything from preventative vehicle maintenance (properly inflated tires will save drivers money and headaches) to often-overlooked RV coverage in roadside assistance plans (without it, the vehicle is covered for a tow but not the RV).

About AMA

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