November Expert Guide

The Alberta Motor Association’s monthly Expert Guide connects journalists with experts on timely topics that matter to Albertans, helping create compelling and trusted news stories. We invite you to use the information below or to contact us for an interview with one of our subject matter experts. ama.newsroom@ama.ab.ca 1-888-960-6397

Winter driving amnesia: Every year, it’s the same thing. The province sees its first few dumps of snow, traffic grinds to a halt, and Albertans grumble in unison: “It’s like everyone forgot how to drive!” Turns out, that assertion isn’t too far off-base. Our Driver Education experts can discuss why motorists lose their winter driving ‘muscle memory’ year after year, how to cope with the changing road conditions, and why learning to drive in the winter can set a student up for success.

Canadian idle: Alberta continues to have the dubious distinction of being the province with the highest vehicle-theft rates in Canada. In fact, an average 68 vehicles went missing in the province every day in 2017 – many the result of keys being left in the ignition. As colder temperatures creep in, and unattended idling increases, thieves will see more opportunities to strike. Our experts can talk about this rampant problem and why Albertans need to be more diligent – because there’s a lot more at stake than a stolen vehicle.

High flying: Cannabis may be legal across Canada, but that doesn’t mean travelling with the drug comes without strings – even within our own country. Our experts can discuss the ins and outs of travelling with recreational cannabis, the risks faced if crossing the border, and other important facts that Albertans should know before they go.

Time-change trials: As we prepare to turn back the clocks, Albertans need to be aware of the risks involved with shorter days and earlier darkness during the commute home. Our Driver Education experts can discuss everything from “phantom vehicles” (drivers who haven’t engaged their full headlight system) to amorous animals (mating season means more encounters with wildlife on the road), and provide tips to help keep everyone safe.

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