October Expert Guide | Winter-Ready Edition

The Alberta Motor Association’s monthly Expert Guide connects journalists with experts on timely topics that matter to Albertans, helping create compelling and trusted news stories. We invite you to use the information below or to contact us for an interview with one of our subject matter experts. ama.newsroom@ama.ab.ca 1-888-960-6397

Distancing for Drivers: Staying a safe distance apart isn’t just for people. Tailgating is a factor in roughly one in three casualty collisions in Alberta, with about nine incidents every day. As drivers prepare for the snow and ice ahead, AMA has tips for proper “physical distancing” on both dry and slippery roads.

Air Travel in a Pandemic: Thanksgiving is the traditional kickoff to the winter travel season. While things will look different this year due to public health restrictions, many Albertans may still need to fly out of necessity. Our travel experts can talk about what to expect from air travel in the coming months, and whether prices will be any different from the typical holiday season.

Winterize Your Home: One of the best ways to prepare for the cold is to practice a little prevention inside and around your property. Our insurance experts can share simple maintenance tips to add home value, reduce long-term repair costs, and protect against harsh weather.

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