Plug in your vehicle, warns AMA

The Alberta Motor Association is urging motorists to plug in their vehicles as requests for roadside assistance continue to soar across the province. The deep freeze has resulted in AMA responding to five times the normal number of battery-related calls, and double the overall call volume.

“When temperatures drop below -15C, plugging in your vehicle is often the difference between an engine that starts and one that doesn’t,” said Randy Loyk, a Manager in Automotive Services at AMA. “Many people assume that newer vehicles don’t need the extra help but in these temperatures, it’s incredibly hard on an engine’s components to turn over if the block heater hasn’t been plugged-in.”

To steer clear of winter woes, AMA recommends the following:

  • Make sure fluids and fuel are topped up before heading out.
  • Drive to conditions, allowing extra time for your commute when the roads are poor. Check AMA Road Reports for details.
  • When temperatures dip below -15C, plug in your vehicle for at least four hours before leaving.
  • Keep an emergency roadside kit in your vehicle, including such items as a first-aid kit, blanket, warm clothes, phone charger, sand, road salt or non-clumpy kitty litter, ice scraper and snow brush, shovel, flashlight with spare batteries, and food/water.
About AMA

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