Calgary, AB,

Safe Shopping Tips to avoid the Grinchy Pinch

With holiday shopping comes a spike in theft from vehicles. Calgary Police Service says vehicle break-ins are at a 20-year high in Calgary. And according to RCMP, there is a vehicle reported stolen or broken into somewhere in Alberta every 24 minutes. The Insurance Bureau of Canada estimates the cost of motor vehicle theft at over $1 billion per year.

Most thefts are crimes of opportunity - a few simple tips can help ensure your gifts don't wind up under some Grinchy Guy's holiday tree. Share this 2-minute video or see below for some tips inspired by the classic poem.

Every Who down in Whoville has reason to fear

When old Grinchy hits the mall in search of your gear

So please lock your doors – you know just what to do

Stash your valuables out of sight and not in plain view

When you park your sleigh put your treasures away

Or that mean Mr. Green with your xbox will play

Cameras, tablets, iPhones and designer sunglasses

Make old Grinchy’s eyes pop out as he passes

A steering wheel lock puts the brakes on his cart

That ‘All Valuables Removed’ sign strikes fear in his heart

No loose change or purses, no gift cards or wallets

No go-pros or dash docks, no whiz-gidgets, or whatchamacallits

So park by the bright lights and scan the lot for strangers

Avoid trips to your trunk, move your car, watch for dangers

Don’t leave your ride running, lock your doors - it's a cinch

Share those gifts with your loved ones and avoid Grinchy's pinch!