Super Elite Membership makes AMA part of your family – literally

For nearly a century, AMA has treated members like practically family – a mandate so close to our hearts, we made it our brand promise. This spring, we’re taking our support to the next level with the AMA Super Elite Membership, a concierge service that truly makes AMA a part of the family.

Because AMA is present in so many areas of our members’ lives, we understand their unique needs. The Super Elite program draws on this knowledge to custom-match members with a dedicated AMA concierge, who will provide everything from personal chef services to babysitting, job support to pet care. It’s like welcoming another member of the family – only you don’t have to do their laundry, and they’ll never complain that your meatloaf is too dry.

“One of the reasons people love AMA is because we forge real personal connections with members across all our areas of business: Insurance, Roadside Assistance, Registries, Travel and Driver Education,” says Jane Flower, Vice-President of Marketing & Communications for AMA. “The AMA Super Elite Membership allows us to build on those relationships, matching families with their ideal AMA concierge.”

Need someone to pack school lunches? AMA Super Elite has you covered. Can’t find the remote control? No need to get off the couch. Empty milk carton left in the fridge? We’ll be back from the store faster than you can pour a bowl of cereal. We’ll even make sure the toilet seat is always in its proper position. It’s all about having your back.

“Life is hard enough without having to cut the crusts off your own sandwiches,” says Flower. “AMA wants to free members from these mundane tasks so they can use their time for more important things, like Instagramming their food and watching cat videos.”

AMA Super Elite officially launches on April 1, 2017. As with all AMA memberships, it’s eligible for our Monthly Payment Plan as well as our Auto Renew option, so members never risk a lapse in their concierge service. Because if Beyonce doesn’t have to worry about losing her personal assistant, AMA Super Elite Members shouldn’t either.