Survey: Albertans gobble up tradition at Thanksgiving

Meatless Monday? Not for Thanksgiving! A new AMA survey of more than 2,200 Albertans finds six in 10 households will serve a traditional turkey dinner to mark the holiday, while another four per cent will dish out another type of meat. At the same time, more than one in five people – 22 per cent – don’t have anything special on the menu.

Seven in 10 Albertans plan to spend the holiday with close family or extended family: 47 and 23 per cent, respectively. Roughly one in five (18 per cent) will celebrate the occasion with a mix of family and friends, while five per cent of Albertans intend to share Thanksgiving exclusively with friends.

“Albertans love their food. But at Thanksgiving, it’s less about what’s on the table than who’s around it,” says Jane Flower, Vice-President of Brand and Member Experience. “This survey reaffirms the importance of community to the people who call this province home. We all want to maintain those physical and emotional connections in an increasingly digital world.”

But will Albertans stay connected to their diets this weekend? Perhaps not.

Nearly six in 10 people (59 per cent) say Thanksgiving is a time for feasting and they won’t be counting calories. Another four in 10 (39 per cent) say they’ll attempt to keep things healthy but won’t take their diligence too far. Just two per cent of Albertans intend to watch their macros, agreeing that it’s “all about discipline.”

For fun, AMA also asked Albertans about their favourite Thanksgiving TV tradition. The most popular holiday episode was WKRP in Cincinnati’s “Turkeys Away” (15 per cent), followed by “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” (12 per cent), Friends’ “The One with All the Thanksgiving Flashbacks,” and How I Met Your Mother’s “Slapsgiving.”

The online survey was conducted Sept 14 to Sept 25, with 2,248 AMA members across Alberta.


A McGill University study analyzed five years of traffic crashes in Alberta and found long weekends to be 18 per cent deadlier than non-holiday weekends. Our Driver Education experts can share tips on Thanksgiving travel to help ensure motorists reach their loved ones safely. To schedule an interview, please contact the AMA Newsroom a 1.888.960.6397 or ama.newsroom@ama.ab.ca

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